Sidewinder 3D Force Feedback Patches

Game Titel Game Version Description Link
Windows95 all Microsoft performance patch to change the way, whow the Force Feedback interacts with Direct X5.
swffupd.exe 160KB
F1 Racing Simulation all Solve known Problems with the Game. There are a Patch for 3DFX and one for the other Garfikcards.
  • Correct the "black sky bug"
  • Force FeedBack effects improved
  • I-force 2.0 support added
  • Force FeedBack for the steering wheel added
  • V1.09 for 3DFX 1.1MB
    V1.09 for others 1.1MB
    Flight Unlimited II all New Update 1.03 includes FF support for ForceFX, Sidewinder FF, and game updates.
    NOTE: This patch needs to be copied to the Flight2 folder in order for it to install correctly.
    flt01-04.exe 3.5MB
    Interstate '76 all The I76V1083.EXE file that you download may reside anywhere on your hard drive. Just double-click on the file and follow the on-screen instructions to install.
    After downloading the patch, make sure that the file name remains "I76V1083.EXE". There have been reported problems when attempting to run the patch with different file names.
    from East coast
    i76v1083.exe 4.8MB
    from West coast
    i76v1083.exe 4.8MB
    MDK German To run this patch you need also DirectX5 from Microsoft
    Shiny has released a new Force Feedback Patch for German Version, but it still don't work on my Installation. So please relook at this side in a few days.
    MDKFF2.ZIP 649KB
    MDK95FFG.ZIP 303KB
    MDK US and English To run this patch you need also DirectX5 from Microsoft MDKFF.ZIP 664KB
    Need for Speed II SE all Addition: TCP network protocol.
    Addition: Ability to play network games with a "peer to peer" packet transfer model.
    Fix: Force Feedback chugging.
    FIX: Videos by-passed when a fluttering or uncalibrated joystick was plugged in.
    nfs2se-patch.ZIP 1.0MB
    POD all There are two diffrent patches available. One is for 3DFX Grafikboards and Force Feedback and the other is for Direct 3D, Direct X5 and the Force Feedback. 2.6MB 2.7MB
    SEGA Touring Car all Adds D3D und Force Feddback support stcc_d3d.exe 449KB
    Shadow of the Empire all This patch is a .DLL file that, once added to your system, should cure problems associated with the Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback joystick. The problem will usually manifest itself as a loss of joystick control (often with the joystick pushing to the lower left corner for no apparent reason). This problem most commonly occurs when the joystick is used in conjunction with the Creative Labs series of Soundcards.
    Install: Place the .DLL in your SDATA-Directory of your Game-Directory
    shadowff.dll 38KB
    Shadow of the Empire all v1.1 Upgrades: Enhances the performance of all supported 3D cards. Includes support for Matrox M3D and NEC Apocalypse 3Dx graphics cards. This patch also includes a fix for Force Feedback support. shadowsp.exe 1.8MB
    Tigershark all The Tigershark TS131UPD.EXE patch updates Tigershark to version 1.3.
    This patch adds the following features: Microsoft SideWinder Force Feedback Pro Support; Diamond Monster Sound Support; DirectX 5 Compatability; 3Dfx Glide 2.4 Compatability
    TS131UPD.EXE 681KB

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